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The Structure of the Iroquois Confederacy
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This site has been created to support one of the technology infusion projects created as part of the Calgary Regional Consortium's spring 2008 Technology Infusion Project for the new Alberta Grade 6 social studies curriculum. On this site you will find information on the following aspects of the project:


  1. The project outline
  2. The curricular concepts addressed by the project for both social studies and the information and communication technologies curricula
  3. Information about the software tools recommended in the project

  4. Tutorials on how to use the various applications and resources mentioned

  5. A bookmark list of sites related to the topic for use in student research

  6. Exemplar rubrics for the target outcomes

  7. Exemplars for each element of the project (still under development)


You may also find the following link useful as a source of websites related to Alberta's Programs of Studies:

Sue's delicious site




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